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Zillions of superlatives put together won’t actually characterize the beauty called Rajasthan. This great land is situated in northwestern piece of India, Rajasthan is a geologically assorted region that can captivate you every moment. See shading goes crazy in the land of the Kings, fight scarred posts, places of grandeur splendor with devoutness and history.
Explore the great land of, Ajmer that have them all. Wonderfully studded in the Aravalli ranges the mesmerizing destination Ajmer was established by Ajayraj Singh Chauhan in seventh century A.D. the courageous Chauhan rulers governed the state for quite a while and later Pritviraj Chauhan lost the hold defeated in the battle with Mohammed Ghori. The name Ajmer intends to be an imperceptible spine and the city is ruled by several brave emperors. This beautiful city is the home of various traditions and every single ruler denoted his own mark by developing astonishing forts or castle making the city an attractive destination for the tourists around the globe.

This is someplace that truly delineates the composite essence of India. Stroll through the old back streets; treat your senses with its praised artistic expressions and tempting flavoursome food. But the most enticing part of Rajasthan is the traditional lifestyle, celebration and welcoming people, who always carry a sweet, wide smile on their faces.
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