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North India is the place that is known for amazing excellence and spiritual ecstasy! What could be more astounding than a journey to Agra that is near the national capital, Delhi on the western banks of the River Yamuna.
As a former capital city of the region, Agra is a must-visit Indian location, with the climate suiting winter visits best. It offers an urban scene loaded with incredible sights and experiences.The greatness of Agra’s past still lingers and is apparent in the way of culture and surrounding architecture, including the famous marble and red sandstone structures. Modern luxuries are also available to all visitors, conveying a great parity of the work of art and contemporary among the city’s wonderful settings.
One of the Seven Wonders of the World, – the Taj Mahal is always a center of attraction for all the tourists and mostly couples that always especially visits this place as this great monument is known as “Symbol Of Love”. In addition to this White Marble UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are several other historical monuments and tombs that go back to the mythological era. Some of them incorporate the Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar Mausoleum also known as the Sikandra Fort.

Apart from these iconic tourist places, relish the wide assortment of the local cuisine and Persian wonders of multifaceted architecture. There are additionally the renowned Tonga Rides that draw in many travelers. Take a boat ride over a slow stream of the Chambal River. The sensational scene ride will help you to spot exotic birds and thrilling wildlife as well. The National Chambal Sanctuary is an incredible spot for bird watchers and wildlife photographers.
There is an abundance of heavenly enjoyments for every one of your senses. Agra is well known for its fiendishly delightful sweets and a genuine treat for your tastebuds. The lovely sights over the markets will catch your attention as well, yet be set up to trade when purchasing from nearby skilled workers, who specialise in leather goods, rugs, and gold embroidery.

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