a. Company will not be liable for any direct, indirect loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind caused, due to any reason, including flight delays, cancellation, disruption or any cost or losses incurred by the passenger while traveling.

b. Customer must check the name, flight details, departure & arrival times, and mobile no. on the ticket.

c. Indean Trips is a facilitator to provide easy, convenient access to reservations and online ticketing, for and on behalf of the airlines and are not responsible for any deficiencies or loss by the service providers.

d. In the event of any airlines discontinues its operations, Indean Trips will not be responsible and accountable for any customer refunds.

e. Indean Trips will not be responsible for any airlines delay or defaults or in case, Airline may not authorize refunds for any reasons.

f. Indean Trips cannot be held responsible for any loss of baggage or valuables on any airlines services.

g. Company does not guarantee the services offered by the service provider on this website.

h. Indean trips will not be held responsible for any losses or actions by any authority to passenger or tourist.